GST Services.


Goods & services Tax is expected to be introduced in India, in the next Finance Act, 2017.

Thus, we have done extensive research on the subject of GST.

We have a Multi-disciplinary team working together to accelerate the delivery of services. We have designed an integrated approach that goes throughout the lifecycle of GST rollout implementation.


Our dedicated team is rendering services to corporate in the following spheres of Goods and Service Tax:-


·         Providing the client with a road map to effective implementation of GST

·         Development of accounting and procedural manuals keeping in mind the GST framework and clients’ work philosophy

·       Training the client’s personnel on the various aspects of the tax regime and equipping them with the skill sets to handle the issues

·          Implementation of procedures and practices required for effective compliance with Goods and service tax requirements

·          Helping the client in grafting the software incorporated with GST compliances.



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